Suthee Ritthaworn

Creative Direction


Falling In Love - Harper’s Bazaar Thailand, February 2021

Chinatown - Harper’s Bazaar Thailand, January 2021

L’Officiel Baltics - Headlight Silhouette

L’Officiel Baltics - Utopia

Grazia Croatia - Megalopolis

Marie Claire Indonesia - Lost In Translation

It was almost pride month and we had a conversation about gender and discussion about LGBTQ+ between Shiyu and I. So we decided to come up with this genderless story “NO LABEL” to celebrate the coming pride month as we looked through sexuality to humanity that we deserve to be ourselves and we can choose whatever we desire to wear.


SICKY Magazine - Metamorphosis

Vulkan Magazine - A Perfect Disorder

One of the issues that we noticed how damage the world is with human behaviour and the usage of plastic that humans would be using in a day such as plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic containers and more. Thus, we wanted to raise this awareness to everyone about this issue.
Flanelle Magazine - On the Earth

Vanity Teens Magazine - Plethora

Ladygunn Magazine - Agent 0001

Nakid Magazine - Femme Fatale

Design Scene Magazine - Something Borrowed, Something New

Fword Magazine - Organic Flower

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